"The understanding and relationship of color is the key to the essence of my work."


The abstract paintings of Amy Longcope represent perhaps what is most fundamental to her, not just as an artist but as a person as well: a love affair with color and an unbound freedom resting between the colors of paint and her spontaneous reaction to blank white canvas.  She tells anyone who asks about process that she follows no formal set of rules, no scripted sense of color or texture, nor does she envision any end product as she works; rather, she lets her intuition lead the way.  She explains: “My goal is not to create anything specific in the beginning but rather to unleash the intense desire to create with beautiful colors and shapes which evoke thought and emotion.”  The journey itself is the point and the purpose for Ms. Longcope as she expresses what is happening internally in outward gestures of acrylic paint dripping across the canvas, layer upon layer.  


The results of this journey are vivid abstract canvases, which slowly evolve through layers of gesso, paint, oil sticks, charcoal and many other materials. Longcope’s sophisticated images combine layers of line, gesture, and structure with the physicality of her media in the form of skillful impasto, drips, glazes and washes of color. At times the paint is so thick and layered that one can see color emerging from the depths of the painting and understand how the colors arranged themselves into a ‘finished work’. These striking works reflect the expressionistic energy and refined color sensibility of Longcope’s artistic influences, including Mark Rothko, Cy Twombly, Jean Dubuffet, Joan Mitchell, and Helen Frankenthaler. As critic Peter Frank has noted, Longcope’s canvases have a striking and undeniable presence, one that is emotionally complex and visually electrifying.


Longcope’s work has been included in both solo and group exhibitions across the United States. She has received numerous awards, including the first place prize in the international “Art Without Borders” competition in 2009. Emerging from her early career in graphic design, she worked out of Los Angeles for many years. She now lives and works in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where the artistic community and open spaces continually energize her. Her work is included in collections throughout the United States and Latin America.